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Immigration issues can be complex, confusing and intimidating. The logistics involved with immigration, deportation defense, citizenship applications or petitioning can be overwhelming for all but those who have extensive experience in these areas of law. Even general practicing lawyers are often ill equipped to handle the complexities of these issues.

If you or a loved one is facing an immigration issue, we are here to provide our cost-effective services based on experience, comprehensive knowledge and hands-on advocacy to help you move toward a best-possible outcome.

McAllen Deportation Defense Attorneys With Experience and Confidence

We at the Law Offices of Garcia, Ramirez, and Piña are committed to bring 40 years of combined experience to help you creatively solve any immigration issue in the South Texas area.

In every case we believe in integrity, accessibility and direct communication with our clients. We always strive to answer questions immediately.

It is this approach that has yielded significant success in our firm's decade of work in cases involving deportation proceedings, investors, marriages and immigrants intent on becoming United States citizens. We are known to be straightforward with our clients and always attempt to gain trust at the beginning of any case. We know that it's only when we understand what a solution truly means in the context of someone's unique circumstances that we are able to handle the case ideally.

Many times there is a "textbook" way to handle a case. However, after going through our clients' background, we often find opportunities to pursue solutions that have been overlooked that might arrive at better outcomes. A client, for example may not appear be ready for one immigration benefit, but upon consideration, we can find a less straightforward route to a truly optimal outcome.

We have been aggressively fighting in immigration courts for more than a decade and our approach is based on both experience and academic training. We know what options are viable and practical and can confidently put them into action.

We also work on personal injury, criminal, and family law issues.

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To discuss any green card, visa or other immigration issue in a free initial consultation with one of our San Antonio immigration attorneys call 210-265-6297 or e-mail the firm.